Laser Dentistry

Posted by DR. THOR G. THORSON on Oct 7 2019, 12:11 PM

Laser dentistry is the most preferred method of treating and performing dental procedures due to its simplicity and accuracy in delivering precise and accurate results. It uses a beam of dental laser that is projected at a healthy wavelength over soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. Procedures are much pain-less and results are promising with the help of dental lasers.

What are the applications of laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry has several applications when it comes to performing dental procedures such as:

Tooth preparation: A drill is required to prepare the tooth for a filling before laser dentistry. The need for drilling and anesthesia is eliminating due to lasers. Even oral bacteria are killed successfully around the surgical site by lasers.

Reshaping soft tissue: Dental lasers can help in dissolving soft tissue to show more of the natural tooth. It can also help in reshaping soft tissue to make “gummy smiles” look more attractive. It also removes soft tissue folds that are uncomfortable and caused by denture wear.

Frenectomy: Lasers untie the tongue of babies, children, and adults, improving their speech and feeding habits.

Tumor removal:  A dental laser can vanish benign tumors that form in the soft tissue areas of the mouth, without any pain.

Whitening:  Lasers increase the activity of the particles in the peroxide bleaching solution accelerating the tooth whitening process.

Biopsy: For biopsy procedure, lasers are used in suspicious areas of soft tissue, as it performs instantly and is precise.


What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Some of the benefits of laser dentistry are as follows:

  • They help to heal fast and regenerate tissue.
  • Natural teeth can be protected in a better way.
  • Even during and after treatment, there is minimal bleeding.
  • Anesthesia isn’t much needed in it.
  • The use of stitches and sutures has reduced to a great extent.
  • There is a minimum risk of bacterial infections after the treatment.


How does laser treat your problem?

For dental care, different types of lasers are made to treat various conditions. The best use is predicted by the different wavelengths of the light used in laser. In order to treat soft tissue problems, most common types of dental lasers are carbon dioxide lasers and diode lasers.

Special glasses are given to protect the eyes from the bright laser beam. The dentist directs the beam at the area to be treated and dissolves the soft tissue, hardens the filling or whitens the teeth with extreme care. You feel far less anxiety and discomfort. 

Soft-Tissue Dental Lasers in Yuma

With soft-tissue diode dental lasers, procedures are getting easier and treatment has become even more comfortable producing accurate and effective results. Soft-tissue diode lasers can perform several dental procedures such as gingivectomy, treating cold sores or even strengthening the molars. With superior results, soft-tissue diode lasers can provide patients with the highest standard of care and treatment.

Find out more about laser dentistry as you visit Gila Ridge Dental, Yuma, AZ. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Thorson today at 928.317.1900 or request an appointment online.

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