Dental Insurance: What to Do If You Don’t Have One?

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Having dental insurance would definitely come in handy when you have to visit your dentist. Whether it is an oral restoration, a dental emergency or a regular consultation, the insurance would have your back and keep you away from burning a hole in your pocket. But it can become quite tricky and confusing when you don’t have dental insurance.

Don’t Skip the Dentist!

Many patients who do not have dental insurance tend to skip going to the dentist. Deciding to live with the oral infection rather can getting it treated soon will definitely cost you more when the condition gets worse with time. In such situations, you can neither avoid the treatment nor overspend for it, putting you in a bad fix! Here’s what you can do.

Know What’s Absolutely Necessary and What Isn’t

There are certain dental issues that you can’t ignore whatsoever. A loosened tooth, tumors and cysts that cause a lot of pain and feel dangerous, underlying cavities and infections that suddenly cause immense pain, dental emergencies caused due to external trauma and sports injuries, etc. are things that you shouldn’t delay or avoid. Much simpler issues such as teeth discoloration, tartar accumulation, wear of teeth, etc. can wait for a while until you find the appropriate payment solution.

Check for Dental Schools and Charitable Events

Every community usually has a dental school that offers treatment at very low prices as it allows dental practitioners to get the practical knowledge required. You need not worry about the quality of treatment as the practitioners will be monitored and guided by their mentors and superiors. You can also look for organizations such as ‘Dentistry from the Heart’ and ‘America’s Dentist Care Foundation’. They regularly organize open house dental care events where volunteers offer treatment to thousands of locals. They are usually quite inexpensive, and you can make use of the opportunity.

Look for Suitable Payment Options

Dental service providers vary from place to place and not all practices accept payments from dental insurances. Many practices allow patients to pay via easy monthly installments (EMI), with a small extra fee, of course. Nevertheless, it is better to make use of this rather than skipping treatment or having to pay the full amount at once. Some practices also offer annual memberships that include a set of treatment procedures that you are entitled to during the course of the year. You may also get these at a discounted price.

Ask for a Discount

It doesn’t hurt to just ask for a small discount. Considering you to be a potential long-term customer, your dentist might as well cut short your dental expenses and even throw in an offer that you can utilize during your next visit. However, it depends on the practice you visit and the office policies as well. Fingers crossed!

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have dental insurance. Our In-house dental insurance plans can help you with reasonable reductions in treatment and ensure that you get the best out of it. Just get in touch with us and we’ll help you figure out a way without burning your pockets or compromising on the quality of treatment offered.