Emergency Dentistry To Help You Instantly With Your Dental Issues

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Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can happen without knocking on your door – That’s why Gila Ridge Dental is here to take care of your dental emergency right away.

The most common dental injuries that may happen with you are chipped, broken, or knocked-out teeth. These injuries can occur in a sports accident, by falling, trying to eat hard food or any other type of physical accident. 

It also sometimes depends on how bad the dental accident is or the site of the tooth. A minor chipped or broken tooth can likely wait to be treated by your dentist during daily business hours. But if the crack is intense, has nerve damage, or is entirely knocked out, you should instantly contact us for a dental emergency appointment.

When Should I Call A Dentist For A Dental Emergency Appointment?

Teeth and gums play a critical part in your overall well-being. A minor toothache can intensify into a painful mouth infection if not given prompt attention.

If you’re suffering from tooth pain or any pain in your mouth and jaw area, you should call us immediately, & our professional dentist will also teach you how to handle dental emergencies? It is not usual to feel any pain and discomfort in your mouth.

Dental issues can be painful and difficult, but you do not have to suffer. To provide you with comprehensive care, we assure your satisfaction & are always available.

Here are some common dental emergencies:

  • Tooth pain/Toothaches
  • Broken or Chipped Tooth
  • Swelling in Your Mouth
  • Swelling In Your Jaw
  • Inflamed Wisdom Tooth
  • Knocked-Out Teeth
  • Damaged or Lost Crown
  • Broken or Lost Filling
  • Broken Braces
  • Bleeding Gums

Paying For Emergency Dental Care

Dental insurance often covers your dental emergencies. You should check with your plan supervisor to know if your insurance includes emergency dental care. During your visit, we can discuss insurance payments in further detail. Please be sure to check with your insurance provider before planning an appointment.

If you do not have insurance or your dental insurance does not cover your emergency treatment, we can discuss financing choices during your visit. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. 

Whether you are a permanent resident or a newcomer to the city of Yuma, you can end up with a severe toothache, our dentist and our dedicated team provide a whole new level of customer care. 

Call Us Today

If you are searching in or around Yuma for an experienced dental team providing advanced care, please call Gila Ridge Dental. We provide complete emergency dentistry services, and our team of dentists will schedule you a prompt dental appointment if you are experiencing an urgent dental issue. 

We are your emergency dental service providers in Yuma; reach our dental office for your tooth problem. You can call us in any case of emergency you or your family members are facing. 

Call us and schedule an appointment to see one of our dentists instantly. There is no requirement to stretch your pain; get that tooth extracted today. We work overtime, so whatever problems you have with your wisdom tooth, cavity, crown, root canal, or gums, we will find a way to fix it.