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Family Dentistry for Patients of All Ages

Gila Ridge Dental is a family-oriented practice that specializes in providing outstanding care at every stage of our patients’ lives. Drs. Stephen S. Garner and Thor G. Thorson provide pediatric care, as well as care for adolescents, adults, and seniors. By offering family dentistry at our practice in Yuma, AZ, we can help patients experience lifelong oral health. 

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From children to seniors, we are here to help patients of all ages.

Dental Care for the Whole Family

Every stage of life presents unique oral health needs, and we are prepared to help you and your loved ones experience healthy, beautiful smiles every step of the way.

Pediatric Care

Our doctors each have children of their own, so they know how to help young patients feel comfortable in the dentist's chair. In general, we recommend that a child’s first trip to the dentist takes place within six months of his or her first tooth erupting. Bringing your children to the dentist early and on a regular basis can help them feel comfortable and relaxed during appointments. This can also help establish good oral hygiene habits that benefit your child for years to come.


Children and adolescents have an increased risk of developing cavities. To help avoid decay, we offer dental sealants. A dental sealant is a special coating that covers the chewing surfaces of the molars, sealing the pits and grooves that can easily trap food particles and lead to tooth decay. This protection can help ensure your child enjoys strong and healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Every stage of life presents unique oral health needs, and we are prepared to help you and your loved ones experience healthy, beautiful smiles every step of the way.


Patients between the ages of 18 and 65 can face many oral health risks, including gum disease. In addition to regular cleanings and exams, we provide root canal therapy, scaling and root planing, and extractions when necessary. Our goal is to preserve as much of your natural smile as possible. We use natural-looking yet durable restorations to repair teeth and restore function to your smile.


By the age of 65, patients have been exposed to many factors that can compromise oral health. We provide a wide range of restorative options, such as bridges and dentures, to restore both function and aesthetics to your smile. We can also restore dental implants, which provide the ultimate stability for restorations while preventing bone loss in the jaw. 

What Family Dentistry Means at Gila Ridge Dental

We love having the opportunity to provide dental care to your entire family. Doing so allows us to get to know each family member on an individual basis. It also allows us to more fully understand your family’s medical history and certain risk factors you might face. 

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If you are looking for a dental practice that can provide comprehensive care for the entire family, contact Gila Ridge Dental today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping every member of your family experience excellent oral health.

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Gila Ridge Dental is amazing! The staff is exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Dr. Garner is a wonderful dentist. He spends lots of time with his patients making sure that all questions are answered and everything is explained. My kids love him and can't wait to visit the dentist office! Rachel

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