Implants vs Dentures – What Should You Get?

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Missing teeth would not only bother the health of your mouth but also impacts overall health and self-esteem. Tooth loss is a common problem in older people and younger individuals as well. Dental implants and dentures are both great options to restore confidence in your smile also let you keep your mouth healthy.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Dentures are usually used to replace sets of teeth that can be a full set or partial set. They are removable teeth replacements, which isn’t used to replace one or two teeth here and there. Dentures have advanced a lot over the centuries. In 700BC, it is found that Etruscans in Northern Italy used human or animal teeth to replace missing teeth. With the advancement in the field of dental technology, dentures look natural than ever now.

Dentures aren’t that expensive, and they even provide freedom to remove them whenever you want. If you are someone with unhealthy or weak jaws, then they are an ideal option.

Dentures need denture adhesive to place them securely. If not done well, they might slip out of place while eating or speaking. If they don’t fit well, then you will have an infection or tooth decay, as well. You need to clean them regularly or replace them if there is any sign of significant wear.

How Do Dental Implants Measure Up?

Dental implants are usually used in replacing one or more teeth, which you lost due to injury, disease, or decay. Dental Implants have become a popular dental treatment option, and they act as permanent teeth replacements. You don’t have to get them replaced, so they cost less to maintain over a long period.

If you have dental implants, you don’t have to worry about them falling out while you speak, eat, chew, bite, or laugh in social situations. It is quite easy to maintain them as well. They also make you feel more comfortable and do look just like your natural teeth. You won’t need any further adjustments after placing dental implants. Implants make you feel like you never lost a tooth in the first place. They don’t affect the adjacent teeth, but they require healthy jawbone to be placed.

While weighing your options, it’s always better to talk to your dentist. They can help you choose the right choice by determining your problem and your needs, and also by examining your mouth in detail.

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