Is It Safe To Get Dental Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic? (Part 1)

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Is It Safe To Get Dental Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic? (Part 1)

Many people in Yuma have been wondering if it is safe to get dental treatment during COVID-19. This was actually one of the most searched topics on Google. And as with any topic we search on Google there is good information and bad information. It is important to know that your source is credible and will not give you information that is useless or harmful. We know that during a pandemic there are many health risks and it is very important to follow CDC recommendations. Some of those recommendations include:

  • Staying six feet apart from others
  • Avoiding crowds
  • Washing your hands often
  • Covering coughs and sneeze with a tissue
  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
  • Monitoring your health daily
  • Wearing a mask to cover your nose and mouth

Here at Gila Ridge Dental we have followed these guidelines and have additional guidelines to help maintain your health and ours. The first is pretty simple – if you do not feel well do not come into the office. If any patient feels the smallest amount of sickness we recommend you stay home. It is okay to reschedule once you are feeling better. When we have our patients come into the office we try to take them directly back into the operatory to try to keep patients six feet apart and avoid crowds. Second, we have hand sanitizer at our check-in and check-out areas as well as in each operatory so that we are keeping our hands clean as is recommended by the CDC. In our other posts, we will discuss the other recommendations that are given by the CDC and how we are incorporating them into our office. We want to make sure that you and your family are staying healthy and safe.

-Gila Ridge Dental

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