How Do Clear Aligners Work For Teeth Straightening?

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Know about clear aligners in Yuma.

Clear aligners are increasingly becoming popular for teeth straightening. These are plastic trays, which look invisible while you are wearing them. The best part of the clear aligners is they are plastic trays, which are invisible when you are wearing them. You will get discreet teeth straightening benefits, which is one of the biggest steps from the traditional metal braces.

We all know that traditional braces are one of the standard ways of enhancing teeth alignment. Clear aligners have been around the market for more than two decades and their abilities have evolved over the years. Using these aligners, you can fix a lot of problems like crooked teeth, overbites, teeth gaps, crossbites, and much more.

How Effective Are Clear Aligners for Teeth Straightening?

It has been found that clear aligners are an effective way of teeth straightening and it works just like the traditional braces. However, the clear aligners give faster treatments compared to the braces. The reason behind this is the right amount of force that the plastic trays put on your teeth. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that a clear aligner comes with minimal limitations.

If you have orthodontic issues like bad jaw positioning, a clear aligner won’t be able to fix it. It works best for the cases like bad teeth alignment, teeth crowding, etc. Although the clear aligners are different compared to the traditional braces, the clear aligners can accomplish maximum results like the traditional braces.

How do the Clear Aligners work?

Clear aligners work on the same concept of teeth straightening as the traditional braces. Since the aligner trays are rigid, it puts constant force on the teeth of the patient, which forces the teeth to move towards a better alignment. The only difference is unlike the traditional metal braces; the clear aligners can be easily removed. As a result, you can understand how much the treatment affects the routine of the patient. While you are sitting for meals, you can take the aligner from your mouth. This is yet another benefit that you can expect to get from the aligners.

Ideally, one must wear clear aligners for about twenty hours so that you can see the results. At the beginning of the treatment, the dentist clicks digital images of the patient’s teeth for creating a model of their teeth on the computer. This model is used for designing the aligner tray over the treatment. Every patient has to wear the aligners for two weeks before moving to the next set.

Each set of ClearCorrect clear aligners in Yuma pushes the patient’s teeth close to the desired alignment. It is important to keep in mind that every set pushes the patient’s teeth close to the actual alignment. While the minor issues take six months to get fixed, the severe alignments take two years to get fixed.

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Teeth alignment is a significant job these days since it helps in giving you a better look. If you have any queries regarding the ClearCorrect aligners, you can contact us for booking an appointment.