What Does Fluoride Do In Protecting Your Teeth?

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If you are looking for a way to protect your teeth and maintain your smile for a long time, you can get fluoride treatment from Yuma, AZ, to ensure a long-lasting smile, free of cavities.  

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral found throughout the earth’s crust and is widely used in nature. It is often added to drinking water supplies to help strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of cavities. Therefore, drinking tap water or swishing water in your mouth while brushing will prevent cavities and promote optimal oral health. If you don’t like consuming tap water, you can opt for a fluoride treatment in Yuma, AZ, to ensure strong and healthy teeth.

What Does Fluoride Do To Protect Our Teeth?

Fluoride helps to reduce demineralization, which occurs naturally in your mouth. The demineralization process is when plaque and bacteria build up on your teeth. It feeds on sugar and other carbohydrates in your mouth and creates acidic saliva that weakens tooth enamel. Erosion of the tooth enamel can expose your teeth to danger, i.e., cavities that can lead to tooth decay. Fluoride helps to control and prevent damage caused due to the demineralization process. Fluoride treatment from Yuma will help in tooth remineralization to strengthen your teeth

What Are The Benefits Of Fluoride?

Fluoride ingestion in children through drinking water means, it will enter the bloodstream and merges with the tooth enamel to provide better protection. It becomes a part of their permanently developing teeth, which will strengthen their teeth and reduce the risk for cavities and other oral health issues. Therefore, fluoride treatments from Yuma, AZ, are necessary to protect you and your child’s enamel, which will reduce tooth sensitivity.

You can also opt for products that include fluorides, such as fluoride toothpaste, which mixes with our saliva and coats the enamel against food acids and sugars.

In general, the benefits of fluoride are as follows:

  • Protects enamel from demineralization
  • Breaks down food acids on our teeth
  • Removes the harmful acids that can wear down the tooth enamel

Different Ways To Add Fluoride

If you are planning to incorporate fluoride into your diet and routine, you can do the following steps:

1. Fluoride-Rich Products

There are several fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash available in the market that you can use and add to your oral care routine. You can brush twice daily and use the mouthwash accordingly. 

2. Water 

You can consider consuming tap water, however, remember, too much or too little fluoride in water is bad for health. Therefore, you can contact the dentist in Yuma to make sure to get the right amount to protect your teeth.

3. Professional Fluoride Treatments

Your dentist in Yuma, AZ, will recommend a fluoride treatment that contains a more concentrated dose of fluoride to protect your or your child’s teeth. It is usually done under preventive dentistry to prevent major dental issues. It is usually also a part of the treatment for patients with periodontal disease.

Fluoride Treatment In Yuma, AZ

You can now level up your dental care by using fluoride products. At Gilda Ridge Dental, our dental team is more than happy to provide you with dental advice, and we provide preventive dentistry in Yuma. We will help you understand the importance of fluoride and how you can add them to your daily routine. Contact us or book your appointment today to ensure your smile!