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Advanced Technology Meets Convenience with CEREC

Many patients need to have dental work completed but find it hard to schedule time for multiple appointments spanning several weeks. Fortunately, Drs. Stephen Garner and Thor Thorson and our team offer same-day dental crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays with their CEREC machine. Our CEREC system can create high-quality restorations in just one appointment, without the need for temporaries. If you need timely treatment, you can reach out online or call us at (928) 317-1900 today if you want to experience the convenience and additional benefits of this advanced technology.

Photo of a CEREC machine

CEREC makes it possible to restore your smile faster than ever before.

What is CEREC?

Traditionally, if you needed a restoration, you would first undergo treatment for decay or damage before your impressions were sent to an off-site lab to have a custom crown, bridge, or denture created. This process would result in waiting for two weeks or more for your permanent restoration. In the meantime, you would need to be careful when eating certain foods and brushing or flossing to avoid dislodging the temporary. 

With CEREC, you can undergo any necessary treatment and receive a lifelike, permanent restoration in a single appointment. CEREC uses CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology to create natural-looking crowns, bridges, and inlays and onlays from a single block of ceramic. The color and shade of the ceramic is matched to the color of your surrounding teeth, ensuring a look and feel that is nearly indistinguishable.

The Treatment Process

To provide your lifelike, same-day restoration, Dr. Garner or Dr. Thorson will first address any decay or damage and carefully alter the tooth to create a stable base. Because of the precise technology used with CEREC, we are able to preserve more of your natural tooth structure for stronger results and more conservative treatment. 

Once your tooth has been prepared, our team can capture detailed digital impressions to create a 3-D model of your tooth. Our dentists will use this model to design your restoration to your exact specifications. They can complete this step on a computer in the exam room and explain all steps to keep you fully informed. Once your designs are complete, they are uploaded to the CEREC machine for construction.

Our technology, including our CEREC machine, can allow you to receive the treatment you need in a much more time-efficient manner.

Our in-office milling unit uses diamond-coated tips to carve a block of ceramic into a beautiful, natural-looking restoration. After less than an hour, your restoration will be complete and you can review its appearance so our team can make any necessary adjustments. Based on your preferences, you can have the crown polished, painted, or glazed to achieve your aesthetic goals. Once the appearance and fit of the restoration has been finalized, Dr. Garner or Dr. Thorson will secure it in place for a fully restored smile.

Receive Convenient, Effective Care

Our dentists respect your oral health, but we also respect your time and understand that you have other things to do than visit the dentist. Our technology, including our CEREC machine, can allow you to receive the treatment you need in a much more time-efficient manner. Contact our office online or call us at (928) 317-1900 to schedule an appointment.

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