One of the fastest and most effective cosmetic treatments available is teeth whitening! Professional teeth whitening can help you brighten and renew the appearance of your teeth so that you can once again enjoy a confident smile. Call Gila Ridge Dental at 928-249-3673 to learn more about teeth whitening in Yuma, Arizona, and schedule an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Thor Thorson and Dr. Stephen Garner.

Simple. Cosmetic. And Effective. Teeth whitening from our dental practice can offer noticeable results for improving the appearance in as little as a single visit. When you opt for in-office whitening, we use a powerful, but safe, whitening gel to lighten any staining, discoloration or yellowing that is on your tooth enamel. To start this treatment, this gel is carefully applied to the surface of your teeth. In the end, you can get a brighter smile that you feel good about sharing.

Teeth whitening may be the right solution for anyone who wishes that their smile was whiter and brighter. Many things can cause your smile to become stained, discolored or yellowed, including:

  • Time
  • Inconsistent dental hygiene
  • Tea, wine, coffee, soda and eating and drinking certain other food and drink
  • Tobacco use, including smoking
  • Sickness
  • Particular medication
  • Overconsumption of fluoride (called fluorosis)

Want to learn more about teeth whitening and how it can improve the aesthetic of your smile? Reach out to our office today. We are always happy to answer questions and schedule appointments. Teeth whitening is available as both an in-office and a take-home treatment.