Our dentists may recommend a fluoride treatment if your teeth are prone to developing cavities. This simple preventive treatment works to strengthen your tooth enamel, making your teeth less susceptible to decay and other problems. To make an appointment with Dr. Thor Thorson, Dr. Stephen Garner and learn more about fluoride treatment in Yuma, Arizona, call Gila Ridge Dental today at 928-249-3673.

fluoride treatment

Fluoride is found naturally in water and many foods. Even though you receive some fluoride through the foods you eat and from using fluoridated toothpaste, our dentists may recommend fluoride treatment to help prevent cavities and strengthen your teeth.

Fluoride treatment helps strengthen your teeth and protect them from cavities. Throughout the day, bacteria, acids and sugars attack and demineralize the enamel of the teeth. Fluoride remineralizes the enamel, thus strengthening the teeth against decay. Fluoride treatment can also strengthen developing teeth. Because of this, fluoride is very important for children whose teeth are growing in.

Our dentists may suggest fluoride treatment during your regular cleaning and exam checkup. Professional fluoride is available in a gel, varnish or foam form. Further fluoride treatment may be recommended if your teeth are prone to cavities or if you are not getting enough fluoride from other sources. We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about fluoride and set your next visit.