Our dentists may recommend a root canal if your tooth is infected or has sustained damage. Root canal treatments are often the only alternative to a tooth extraction, and they are the preferred treatment as they allow you to maintain your original tooth. To set up a consultation with Dr. Thor Thorson, Dr. Stephen Garner and to find out more about root canal therapy in Yuma, Arizona, call Gila Ridge Dental at 928-249-3673.

Root canal treatment may be recommended if the nerves and pulp of a tooth have become infected or damaged. This damage may be caused by decay or an injury that reaches past the outer enamel layer of the tooth. If left untreated, this level of tooth damage may cause the tooth to die. If this is the case, the tooth will need to be extracted. In order to avoid the need for extraction by restoring the health of the tooth, our dentists will remove the infected and damaged tissues from the inside of the tooth, clean the tooth, and apply a medicated material. The tooth will then be protected and restored to its original shape and function by a dental restoration, like a dental crown. Root canal therapy can usually be completed in just one or two comfortable appointments.

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