Tooth extractions become necessary when the teeth are badly damaged, decayed or get infected due to certain oral infections. This can hinder the patient's ability to bite and chew food and also ruin the aesthetics of the smile.

Replacing them with prosthetic teeth is essential on account of several reasons, such as restoring the functionality, smile, phonetics and retaining the facial shape. We, at Gila Ridge Dental, provide the best customized dentures to suit your specific needs that are strong, durable and long-lasting.

Why should you choose dentures?

  • Dentures perfectly mimic the appearance of the teeth and gums.
  • They can be fabricated either as partial dentures (replacing only a few teeth) or as complete dentures (replacing all the teeth).
  • They enable the patient to bite and chew the food effectively, thereby helping in digestion.
  • They make the face appear fuller and prevent puffy cheeks and chin.
  • They are removable. The patient can remove them whenever required, such as while sleeping or to clean them.

Partial, Complete and Implant Dentures

Sometimes, when the patient is missing many teeth, but still has a few remaining, partial dentures may be recommended. The dentures can be customized to contain only a few prosthetic teeth to fill the gaps in the mouth. On the other hand, when the patient is missing all their teeth, complete dentures would be the best option to replace them.

Further, if the patient prefers higher stability to prevent the dentures from slipping off from the mouth, implant dentures would be a great choice. Metal studs are implanted in the jawbone to act as anchors to hold the dentures in place. The denture would have a special attachment that fits perfectly over the implant and can be locked in position.


The procedure to get dentures would require at least two visits to our dental practice. During the initial visit, the dentist would carefully screen the mouth for possible infections, change in the jawbone shape and structure, gum diseases, etc. Next, x-rays and 3D scans of the mouth will be taken to serve as a reference to fabricating the dentures. They will be sent to a dental laboratory, where the dentures will be made from acrylic and ceramic.

Acrylic can be made to look exactly like the gums, and ceramic crowns will be used to replace the teeth. They offer high durability, strength and longevity. However, proper care must be taken to prevent their discoloration or breakage.

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