Gum Contouring

Gum Contouring

A gum contouring process involves reshaping the gums to give you a more even smile. It is a cosmetic dental procedure, and is otherwise known as gingivectomy. Patients who feel they have an uneven gum line or have excessive gum tissues can benefit from it.

Drs. Thor G. Thorson, Stephen S. Garner, and Jason R. Boeskin are detail-oriented dentists who have treated several patients who required a gum contouring therapy. We incorporate advanced treatment techniques to make sure our patients get the desired results in the most effective way possible. This is what makes our Gila Ridge dental practice the most sought-after ones in the Yuma, AZ region.

Why is gum contouring necessary?

Removal of excessive gum tissues: When the gums overgrow, they start to look puffy and displeasing. This is what’s called a ‘gummy smile’. It can make the teeth look much smaller than they are as the gums cover a portion of the crown. Gum contouring can be used to get rid of such excessive tissues, thereby lengthening the teeth and giving a much pleasing smile.

Creating an even gum line: The gums may sometimes overgrow near a few teeth compared to the others. This makes it look disproportionate and the teeth seem to appear misshapen. Using advanced techniques, we alter the shape of the gums to provide a symmetrical gum line.


The dentist would carefully examine the gums and teeth to come up with the best treatment plan to suit your needs. To avoid pain and discomfort during the procedure, a local anesthetic would be administered to the gums. We use a hand-held laser to trim off the excessive gums and sculpt it accordingly. The advantage of using a laser over a scalpel is that the laser would seal the wound as the tissues are being removed, eliminating the chances of bleeding.

Post surgery care

Following the surgery, the gums may appear swollen and inflamed. This is normal and it would subside in a few days’ time. If there is persistent pain, the dentist may suggest over-the-counter medications for a brief period. With the use of laser, the healing period is very less. During this time, a soft food or liquid diet is recommended, and hot foods should be avoided completely.

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