Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns

Same day crowns are fabricated using a technology called CEREC, which stands for ‘Chairside Economical Restoration Esthetic Ceramic’. It is an advanced technology that is being incorporated by many dentists worldwide and allows us to provide all-ceramic crowns in just one visit to the dental practice.

Our dentists, Drs. Thor G. Thorson, Stephen S. Garner, and Jason R. Boeskin, value the time of their patients very much. Hence, at Gila Ridge dental, we use CEREC technology to provide the best experience to our patients, which would require no more than one visit to our practice.

Why should you choose same day crowns?

  • Same day crowns do not require multiple visits to the dentist’s office.
  • The crowns manufactured using CEREC technology are all-ceramic. Meaning, they look and feel exactly like the natural enamel.
  • There would be no need for temporary crowns that are annoying and tend to fall off repeatedly.
  • The crowns are manufactured using CAD/CAM technology, and hence, they are of high precision. They offer great fit and comfort.


Before the actual procedure begins, the dentist would carry out a thorough examination of the teeth. Depending on how badly the tooth is damaged and how stable its structure is, the dentist draws out a customized treatment plan. Before the treatment begins, local anesthesia would be administered to avoid pain and discomfort. The tooth receiving the crown will have to be prepared prior to taking digital x-rays, scans, and pictures.

The data will be entered into the CEREC machine, where the software converts it into a 3D virtual model and displays it on the computer screen. The data will then be transferred to the milling machine, which fabricates the crown from a small block of porcelain. The crown will be finished within just a few minutes and ready to be bonded on to the surface of the tooth. However, before permanently bonding it, the dentist places it over the tooth and ensures perfect fit and comfort, after which it will be firmly fixed in position using dental adhesives. The best part is that all this can be completed within just one visit to our office, and you wouldn’t even need to use a temporary crown.

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