Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth are naturally subjected to discoloration as we age. However, certain aspects like improper oral hygiene, excessive consumption of colored foods and beverages speed up the process and make the teeth look dull. This leaves a bad appearance on them and can lead to embarrassment.

Teeth whitening procedures effectively remove the stains from the surface of the teeth and make them look whiter. At Gila Ridge Dental, Drs. Thor G. Thorson, Ste-phen S. Garner, and Jason R. Boeskin assess your condition carefully and suggest the best option to get rid of your teeth stains.

How do teeth stain?

  • Most often, teeth get discolored when the patient doesn't brush and floss the teeth every day. This can leave a residue of plaque on the them, which can make them look dull. If plaque isn't removed regularly, it can form dark deposits on the teeth called calculus.
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco not only discolor the teeth, but can also lead to oral cancer.
  • As a person ages, the teeth start to naturally look duller. It could be due to the wear of the enamel, which exposes the inner dentin.
  • Consuming colored foods and beverages such as tea, coffee, aerated drinks, etc. can stain the teeth.

What are your teeth whitening options?

In-office whitening

In-office teeth whitening is done in our dental practice in the presence of a dentist. The dentist screens the mouth for any existing restorations such as crowns, fillings, and veneers and thoroughly cleans the teeth. A rubber sheath will be placed on them to prevent the whitening gel from coming in contact with the gums. The dentist would then apply the whitening gel on the teeth and spread it evenly. After the gel stays on the teeth for a few minutes, it will be removed and the mouth can be rinsed. Depending on the extent of discoloration, the procedure can be repeated multiple times.

Custom whitening trays

If you prefer whitening your teeth in the comfort of your house, we can provide customized whitening trays for you. Since the trays are fabricated according to the contour of the patient's teeth, they offer excellent fit and comfort. The tray will have to be worn along with a whitening gel, and it does the job of preventing the intervention of saliva during the process.

Laser-assisted whitening

This method of whitening is similar to that of in-office whitening, but the only difference being the use of a laser to activate the gel. The dentist uses a photosensitive gel and a high-intensity laser for this purpose. When the gel is activated, it produces a foam, which helps to remove the stains much quicker. Laser teeth whitening can especially be of help to people who run on a busy schedule and don't wish to spend a lot of chair time.

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