Implants vs Dentures – What Should You Get?

Missing teeth would not only bother the health of your mouth but also impacts overall health and self-esteem. Tooth loss is a common problem in older people and younger individuals as well. Dental implants and dentures are both great options to restore confidence in your smile also let you keep your mouth healthy. Are Dentures Right for You? Dentures are... read more »

Dental Insurance: What to Do If You Don’t Have One?

Having dental insurance would definitely come in handy when you have to visit your dentist. Whether it is an oral restoration, a dental emergency or a regular consultation, the insurance would have your back and keep you away from burning a hole in your pocket. But it can become quite tricky and confusing when you don’t have dental insurance. Don’t... read more »

Teeth Whitening: The Best and Most Effective Ways to Get It Done

Staining of teeth is very common and many people are affected by it. Our everyday habits, such as eating a lot of junk and colored foods, frequent snacking, improper brushing, ill effects of certain medication, grinding of teeth, and natural wear of teeth as we age contribute to the discoloration of the teeth. No matter what the cause is, dull-looking... read more »