Popular Myths & Misconceptions About Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canal Therapy

Myths About Toot Canal Therapy

If you recently came to know that you need a root canal, odds are that the minute you left your dental office, you instantly began exploring the internet for information on this well-known but highly mistaken dental service. The internet is a great place to collect helpful information, but it is also haunted by unreliable sources and dangerously false information that can lead unaware online researchers astray. 

The following are the myths about root canal therapy and tooth pain.

Myth 1: Root Canal Therapy Is Painful:

Most people think that root canal therapy in Yuma is a painful procedure. But, the truth is root canal therapy gets executed to ease tooth pain. Root canals are required when an untreated cavity extends to the pulp of your tooth and generates an infection. It is where the pain arrives from, & not from the procedure itself. A dentist at Gila Ridge will numb the area near the infected tooth where you will barely feel anything during the process. Once done, the severe pain you’ve encountered before will fade, and your tooth is held.

Myth 2: Conducting a Root Canal Needs Several Appointments:

Root canal therapy may get completed in one to two appointments. Elements that determine the number of appointments that are necessary to achieve a root canal are:

  • The scope of the infection.
  • The problem of the root canal.

 Restoring the tooth after root canal therapy is required to provide the tooth functions correctly. The appointments necessary to fully restore the tooth, in nature, should not be regarded as part of the root canal procedure.

Myth 3: A Root Canal Therapy is Expensive:

Having a root canal and a dental crown is less expensive than pulling a tooth and replacing it with a bridge or a dental implant. Costs differ on how many canals a tooth has, whether it’s the first time the root canal is achieved or retreatment, or who conducts the root canal.

Myth 4: Benefits of Foot Canal Therapy are Brief: 

The outcome of root canal therapy is long-lasting. They reduce patients’ toothaches and maintain the affected tooth indefinitely. The final restoration or crown is the key to successful outcomes.


Myth 5: Alternative to a Toot Canal is Tooth Extraction:

Sometimes, to avoid spending additional time and money on root canal therapy, patients choose to get a tooth extraction. Unfortunately, the patient may be clueless that a tooth extraction will ultimately create a demand for more comprehensive procedures and expensive tooth substitutes. After an extraction, the missing tooth should be replaced with restorative dentistry services such as dental implants or bridges, thus needing more time in the dental office and treatments that are much more costly than a simple root canal. More significantly, root canal therapies preserve a more healthy tooth structure. While dental implants and bridges may be long-lasting replacements, healthy, natural teeth will forever be stronger and more operational than a prosthetic.

Root Canal Therapy In Yuma, AZ

Root canal therapy in Yuma is less painful & much better than extracting a tooth from your mouth. Now that you know about the myths about root canal therapy, so do not hesitate to get your root canal treated at our dental office in Yuma, AZ. Contact us today to book your appointment now!