How Dental Technology Has Improved Dental Implant Surgery For Good

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Dental implants advanced technology

Dental implants have improved over the past few decades. Patients getting dental implants today experience low stress with few risks, quicker healing, and altogether more comfortable recovery.

Dental offices like Gila Ridge Dental provide dental implants for Yuma patients a great experience by embracing new dental technology and approaches.

Dental Implant Surgery Using Advanced Technology

1. Dental Implants for Every Patient.

Today, dental implant surgery techniques are far better than they once were. In some cases, an adult without severe medical conditions is a perfect candidate for implants. Even if you have lost teeth years back and have encountered some bone loss in your jaw, bone grafting surgery can make it achievable to receive an implant. If a dentist told you, you were not a candidate for a dental implant in the past. In that case, we urge you to schedule a consultation with Gila Ridge Dental. 

2. Success Rate 

There is still an intrinsic risk of dental implant failure. Still, we are thrilled to tell you that the chances of risk have become considerably low in recent years. Modern dental implants surgery has a success rate of well 95%. The two most important factors for implant success are picking a proficient dentist and following your dentist’s oral care instructions, especially during the initial implant surgery recovery time.

3. Highly Accurate Placement.

Correct placement of the implant during surgery is essential for its longevity and the patient’s comfort. Dental imaging technology plays a vital role in helping dentists achieve the most accurate implant placement possible. Gila Ridge Dental uses cone beam technology and iTero digital imaging to help get the impression of your smile.

4. Better Comfort & Quick Healing

Laser dentistry is slowly getting more prevalent in dental practices. It makes restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures simpler for dentists & patients.

When laser technology gets used in dental implant surgery, it lets dentists have more perfection in placing the implant, providing much more comfort to the patients. The implant surgery usually takes less time than traditional techniques. Patients will also get minor swelling, bleeding, and discomfort after the procedure.

5. Custom Prosthetics.

Modern dental implants techniques are fast and effective. Implant-supported dentures, full or partial, and implant-supported dental bridges are two famous examples of implant versatility. Choices like these let dentists help patients achieve their smile goals best suited to their individual needs. There are also more possibilities for how dental implants can get used.

6. Implant for Osseointegration.

Osseointegration is the procedure of your jawbone permanently merging with the implant post. It is the most critical element of a successful dental implant, as poor osseointegration results in implant failure. This recovery and fusion process occurs inherently, but technology has made it more effortless for patients to recover.

Dental Implant In Yuma, AZ

If you are also one of those wanting to get a dental implant for yourself, now is the perfect time to consult a professional dental implant dentist in Yuma, AZ. With the advancement in dental technology, it has become more efficient & easy for the dentist to install the implant & made it more painless for patients to heal. Contact us for the best dental implant surgery. Book your appointment now.