5 Guidelines For A Successful Dental Implant Restoration

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Dental implants guidelines

Are you insecure about your missing tooth? Dental implants are an efficient way of replacing one or more lost teeth due to trauma, decay, infection, or any other reason. At Gila Ridge, we provide the best restorative dentistry services in Yuma, AZ. Contact us or book an appointment today and achieve the smile of your dreams.

Dental implants do not look but function just like natural teeth. You can enjoy all your favorite foods, smile, and speak confidently without hesitation. Our talented dentists will work with you, provide more information about dental implants and examine whether they are the right option for you. There are several benefits of dental implants, however, certain rules come along with it. Here is a look at five guidelines you need to follow to ensure a successful dental implant restoration

1.  Responsibility

After dental implant surgery, keep the area of the implant clean to ensure hygiene. This means brushing and flossing regularly around the implant. You can use mouthwash if your dentist recommends it. It is important to avoid disturbing the implant. The top cause of implant failure is the use of tobacco, smoking, or an infection. If you have any more doubts, consult our dentist in Yuma today!

2. Communicate With The Dentist

It is important to ask your dentist if you have any questions or doubts regarding the procedure and the aftermath. If you decide to get an implant, you should let your dentist know if you take any medications. If you take medicines like blood thinners, it can have a major impact on dental implant restoration. If you have any further questions, contact us, and we can provide you with the information you need. 

3. Ask For Help 

Twenty-four hours after the procedure, you will need help with your dental implant restoration. You might need a day or two to fully recover from a dental implant procedure. You can ask a family member or friend for a ride home from the appointment.

4. Be Patient

It can take nine months or longer for the implant and jaw bone to fully integrate, it is also known as osseointegration. During this time, you might experience soreness in your gums for multiple weeks. You will have to restrict your diet to soft foods or slightly cool or warm foods to reduce discomfort following the procedure.

5. Long-Term Care

Your dental implants will last a lifetime if you take proper care. You will need to brush and floss. Our dentist will also provide you with instructions post-procedure. Dental visits are necessary to ensure success in your implant restoration process. Contact our restorative dentist to get your dental implants in Yuma, AZ, today!

Restorative Dentist In Yuma, AZ

At Gila Ridge Dental, Dr. Thor Thorson and Dr. Stephen Garner provide dental implant restorations to finish your implant treatment and successfully restore your teeth and smile. Your implant restoration will be custom-made to match your smile. With our latest CEREC technology, we can make your implant restoration in a single appointment. Contact us or book your appointment to visit the best restorative dentist in Yuma, AZ!